NCTC History

Founded in 1999, in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Defense Appropriations Act, the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC) is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its 14th year serving military, state, federal, and local law enforcement officials and community prevention specialists. The outpouring support from Congress, the Department of Defense, and law enforcement and anti-drug community leaders significantly and consistently contributes to NCTC's success.

Since its inception, NCTC has grown to offer more than 60 unique counterdrug training courses focusing on topics including operations and interdiction, interrogation, undercover operations, leadership, terrorism, intelligence, and drug demand reduction. Located at Fort Indiantown Gap in
Annville, Pennsylvania, NCTC provides a modern, professional, and tactical-based environment for providing training opportunities, conferences, and planning sessions that are essential to the counterdrug community.

NCTC developed Mobile Training Teams (MTT) in 2007 in response to the growing demand for its specialized training. MTTs effectively deliver NCTC course offerings throughout its 18-state region and the District of Columbia. This adaptive training technique led to an exponential increase of customers trained to fight against domestic and transnational drug trafficking organizations. NCTC is staffed with National Guard Soldiers and Airmen who provide professional, technical, and tactical support throughout the training year. NCTC instructors are subject-matter experts with extensive education and training backgrounds and proven successes. This military/civilian partnership has led to NCTC receiving its "Accreditation with Excellence" award from CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.