Frequently Asked Questions


What type of training is scheduled and is there a cost involved?

Numerous SWAT teams, military units, and community based organizations schedule training events or conferences with us due to our centralized location and a 'one-stop' scheduling for training. From tactical training facilities to classroom training we will try to meet your training objectives. The only costs involved are lodging and meal costs.

Why have I been placed on the waiting list if the class still says 'Accepting'?

If you have been placed on the waiting list and received and e-mail stating so, but the class is still marked as "Accepting", this could be for the following reason: The maximum amount of seats for the class have been filled. However, should anyone cancel out of the class, the seats will become available for the officers/students that have been placed on the waiting list.

Why is my history blank even though I have previously attended classes? Why can't I view my certificate?

The reason that your history could be blank and showing no certificates may be due to you creating multiple accounts for yourself. If you have done this, your records will need to be merged. Please call to request assistance from our registration clerks.

Why have other officers from my department been accepted into the class, but I have been put on the waiting list?

If multiple officers from the same department have registered to attend the same class, usually only 2 or 3 of them are accepted at a time. This is to ensure that all departments receive equal opportunities to attend training at our facilities. Also, if the members of your department registered for the class long before you did, they may receive "first come, first serve" treatment.

I have received a notification of being placed on the waiting list. Why have I not been accepted?

There could be many reasons for an officer to be placed on the waiting list. These reasons include, but are not limited to the following: You have just recently registered. (Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.) Therefore, the seats may have already been filled prior to your registering; you have regularly cancelled or been absent from training that you were registered for; A number of officers from your same department have also registered and been accepted to attend training; You have already attended this course; The e-mail address that you provided is invalid; etc.

I am trying to register for a class, but while trying to log in a am receiving an error message stating that my e-mail or password is invalid. Why is this?

If you have never created an account with us before, you will have to do so by clicking on the link located under the "e-mail address" query and filling out the required fields. If you have created an account with us previously, you may be misspelling your e-mail address or password. If you believe that this could be the reason you are unable to log in, please call for assistance. Our registration clerks can verify the spelling of your e-mail as well as reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Is there a chance my training may be cancelled?

YES. Both locations are military training sites. Their primary objective is to military agencies for exercises or mobility training. It's good to schedule early, have a primary and alternate training date as well as a contingency plan in place.