A Message From Our Executive Staff

The Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC), operated by the Pennsylvania National Guard, is dedicated to training local, state and federal law enforcement officials and community prevention specialists in a wide range of Counterdrug skills. Our success is due to outstanding support from Congress, the cooperation of the Department of Defense, and of course, the enthusiastic participation of law enforcement and the anti-drug community leaders who train at our two campus locations at Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, Pennsylvania, and Volk Air National Guard Base, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin.

Both facilities are capable of housing and training law enforcement and demand reduction professionals at no-cost to their parent agencies. The sites provide a modern and professional environment for training, conferences and planning sessions, which are essential to the Counterdrug community.

The NCTC is staffed by National Guard specialists, who provide infrastructure management. Classes are taught by subject matter experts with extensive education, training and experience with proven success in their areas of expertise. This military and civilian partnership is the cornerstone of the NCTC success story.

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) has certified the quality of NCTC training and administration, making it the only military CALEA accredited Public Safety Training Academy in the nation. Our efforts to expand student access through distance learning, the export of courses and the broadcast of selected training courses through Pennsylvania Public Television's "Datacast" system demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.

NCTC remains dedicated to protecting our society from the devastating effects of substance abuse. We are proud of our role in the military-civilian partnerships which support our mission, and encourage you to take advantage of our extensive course offerings.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Colonel Frank Noonan
Colonel Frank H. Koehler
Major James R. Pyles
Major Michael Snider
Lt. Colonel H.C. Davis (Chairman)
Colonel Danny Stebbins