Video Equipment Training

Course Description

This course is designed for officers with no experience with video. Upon completion of this three-day training program, students will know how to use video cameras and the associated technology to supplement their work in documenting drug dealing, crime scenes and illegal activity. The course will stress hands-on shooting exercises. Participants will learn how to use video to document crime scenes, accidents, and search warrants, as well as shoot surveillance video, use night vision equipment with video cameras and link "body wire" receivers to camcorders.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize the various videotape formats that have been sold or are for sale in North America.
  2. Label videotapes shot to document criminal activity so that they can be introduced as evidence in legal proceedings.
  3. Properly store and duplicate videotape evidence to meet generally accepted legal standards.
  4. Use the macro feature on video camcorders to shoot close-ups.
  5. Properly use the most popular features found on current camcorders.
  6. Use the "elements of continuity" to shoot edit-free videotape.
  7. Use night scopes in conjunction with their video camcorders.
  8. Use microphones, earphones and covert audio receivers with camcorders.


Course Length

3 days (21 hours)

Who May Attend This Course