Undercover Management

Course Description

This course is designed for supervisors who are tasked with supervising or planning undercover operations. The course is designed to motivate and empower the student supervisors to effectively and safely supervise undercover operations and to be cognizant of the skills, tactics, and dangers associated with conducting such undercover operations. This course will also address methods of minimizing risks and focus on tactical operation planning, field team deployment, undercover officer deployment, confidential informants, crisis management, documentation, officer safety, integrity, cover surveillance, case management, drug recognition, common methods of drug packaging, and risk assessment. This course is composed of classroom instruction and practical exercises.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student supervisor will be able to:

  1. Have a better working understanding of the role of undercover officers in drug investigations.
  2. Have a better understanding of their responsibilities as a supervisor of undercover operations.
  3. Develop a tactical operation plan for undercover operations.
  4. Execute a tactical operational plan.
  5. Conduct safer deployment of field teams.
  6. Conduct more efficient and safer deployment of undercover officers.
  7. Employ the safe use of confidential informants.
  8. Identify rules for undercover officer safety and survival.
  9. Implement and analyze crisis management methods.
  10. Implement proper and effective documentation procedures.
  11. Identify and recognize potential operational dangers.
  12. Develop and employ effective surveillance techniques.
  13. Recognize potential operational hazards (officer safety).
  14. Recognize the psychological danger signs relating to undercover officers.
  15. Identify and distinguish different types of drugs (drug recognition).
  16. Identify the most common methods of drug packaging and the paraphernalia associated with its use.
  17. Recognize and analyze the risk associated with narcotics investigations.
  18. Apply deconfliction procedures.


Course Length

5 days (40 hours)

Who May Attend This Course

Current or future supervisors of drug operations, investigations, or undercover operations.