Tactical Narcotics and Counter-Terrorist Debriefing

Course Description

The Tactical Narcotics and Counter-Terrorist Debriefing Course is a three-day training course that teaches all types of law enforcement officers (Police, Corrections, Federal Agents, Parole, Probation, and other Law Enforcement Officers) from a variety of duty assignments (Narcotics, Patrol, Investigations, Terrorism, etc.) to conduct effective debriefings of new arrestees, jailed prisoners, prison inmates, probationers, parolees and other individuals for the purpose of acquiring intelligence information and cultivating informants. This training course has been taught to and utilized by members of the NYPD Intelligence Division, field intelligence officers and hundreds of law enforcement officers within the seventeen impact zones (high crime cities) throughout New York state with outstanding results and subsequent successes. It has resulted in the development of more counterdrug-related informants, terrorist-related informants and actionable intelligence (arrests, search warrants, buys, etc.) in these zones than ever before.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify the intelligence needs of their own jurisdiction, regardless of their role in law enforcement.
  2. Conduct effective debriefings of arrestees, prisoners, inmates and other offenders with an emphasis on narcotics, terrorists, and gang investigations.
  3. Conduct more successful debriefings of difficult individuals from the preceding categories.
  4. Identify motivations leading to cooperation of potential informants.
  5. Use effective body language to increase communication.
  6. Phrase efficient questions to greatly increase the potential for acquiring intelligence.
  7. Utilize maximum elicitation communication techniques.
  8. Utilize conducive communicative behavior.
  9. Cultivate more informants useful in combating drugs and other crimes in their jurisdiction.
  10. Develop considerably more "actionable" intelligence than before.


Course Length

3 days (24 hours)

Who May Attend This Course