CD Senior Leader's Seminar

Course Description

The Counterdrug Coordinator and Leader's Seminar (CDCSL) will provide a basic understanding of the various facets of the regulatory requirements involved in managing a state CD program. This seminar focuses on an initial introduction and overview of CD program facets. Upon completion, attendees will comprehend the policies, procedures and responsibilities governing the utilization of National Guard and Department of Defense (DoD) resources in the National Guard Counterdrug Support Program. Attendees will also be aware of guidance pertaining to program and budget management of the Joint National Guard Substance Abuse Program and the National Guard Counterdrug School Program. This course is appropriate for Counterdrug Coordinators (CDCs) and limited to select senior CD leadership positions approved by the respective CDC.


Prior to attending the CDCSL Seminar, CDCs should become familiar with NGR 500-2 and applicable NGB-CD All States Letters, the CMIS Handbook and the CPE Checklist. CDCs should bring with them the State Plan and State SOP (if available).

Course Length

5 days (40 hours)