Professional Decision Making for Narcotics Investigations

(Formerly know as Ethical Decision Making for Narcotics Investigations)

Course Description

This course focuses on identifying and developing confidence in aiding officers in resolving ethical decisions in narcotics investigations as well as ideas about maintaining positive professional behavior. Through practical application, students utilize ethics tools to identify critical decisions they are faced with each day. Through group discussion, they learn about professional conduct and will be better able to make positive decisions.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the students will be able to:

  1. Define professional ethics as learned in class.
  2. List and discuss why ethics training is important for department morale and individual integrity.
  3. Explain why police officers are held to higher standards than civilians.
  4. List consequences for not adhering to these standards.
  5. Describe ethical behavior as seen from a citizen's point of view.
  6. Identify and explain an ethical situation as learned in class.
  7. Identify and explain the "Six Steps to Ethical Behavior."
  8. List ways to improve a department's Field Training Officer Program.
  9. Identify and explain police rationalizations and deviant behavior.
  10. Discuss the phrase, "I can make a difference."


Course Length

2 days (16 hours)

Who May Attend This Course