CADCA: National Coalition Academy

Course Description

The National Coalition Academy is a year long coalition development program that includes classroom instruction, distance learning and on-line support. The course develops individual skills in each of the fifteen core competency areas for community problem solving. Through distance instruction and technical assistance, the course also helps newly formed local coalitions engage in the twelve essential processes that research suggests are associated with achieving community level outcomes.

Week I – Creating and Maintaining Coalitions and Partnerships; Assessing Community Needs and Resources; Analyzing Problems and Goals; Developing a Framework or Model of Change; Developing Interventions.

Week II – Strategic and Action Planning; Building Leadership; Enhancing Cultural Competence; Evaluating the Initiative; Advocating for Change.

Week III – Increasing Participation and Membership; Influencing Policy Development; Improving Organizational Management and Development; Writing Grant Applications; Sustaining the Work or Initiative.

Core Competencies

  1. Creating and maintaining coalitions and partnerships.
  2. Assessing community needs and resources.
  3. Analyzing problems and goals.
  4. Developing a framework or model of change.
  5. Developing strategic and action plans.
  6. Building leadership.
  7. Developing interventions.
  8. Increasing participation and membership.
  9. Enhancing cultural competence.
  10. Advocating for change.
  11. Influencing policy development.
  12. Evaluating initiatives.
  13. Writing grant applications for funding.
  14. Improving organizational management and development.
  15. Sustaining projects and initiatives.


Course Length

Week 1: 5 days (40 hours)
Week 2: 5 days (40 hours)
Week 3: 5 days (40 hours)

Who May Attend This Course

CADCA chooses its students through its network of member coalitions. Further information/application can be found at