2013 Course Catalog

Professional Classifications

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Law Enforcement

Operations and Interdiction

4:20 Interdiction (Commercial Vehicle)
4:20 Interdiction (Passenger Vehicle)
Basic Tactics for Warrants
Clandestine Laboratory Officer Safety Training
Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction
Conducting Complete Traffic Stops
Hotel/Motel Parcel Interdiction
Tactical Entry to Methamphetamine Laboratories


Courtroom Testimony
Forensic Statement Analysis
Identifying Deceptive Behavior
Interview and Interrogation
Polygraph Program
Senior Polygraph Examiner's Course

Subject Matter

Advanced Indoor Marijuana Grow Training
Basic Narcotics Investigators
Cannabis Indoor Grow
Drug Diversion Investigations
Drug Identification
French for Law Enforcement
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Spanish for Law Enforcement Phase I
Spanish for Law Enforcement Phase II
Street Gangs


Cell Phone Investigations
Informant Management
Physical Surveillance
Professional Decision Making for Narcotics Investigations
Role of the Undercover
TOP GUN: Undercover Drug Investigation
Undercover Management
Undercover Risk Analysis
Video Equipment Training


Grant Writing


Leadership and Mastering Performance Management
Police Executive Development (POLEX) Basic
Police Executive Development (POLEX) Advanced
Police Supervisory In-service Training (POSIT)


Terrorism Overview

Domestic Terrorism
Introduction to Narco-Terrorism
Money Laundering


Intelligence Unit Manager's Training
Law Enforcement Intelligence - Basic
Mid-East Intelligence Workshop for Homeland Security
Multi-Agency Course (Intro to Basic Drug Intel Analysis)
Narco-Terrorism Intelligence Gathering
Social Networking
Tactical Narcotics and Counter-terrorist Debriefing
Technologies used Against Police & Prosecutors

Drug Demand Reduction

CADCA: National Coalition Academy
Grant Writing

National Guard Counterdrug

CD Senior Leader's Seminar

Professional Classifications


Law Enforcement/Code Enforcement
The term applies to eligible parties from state, county and local law enforcement agencies:


Probation and Parole
The term applies to sworn officers, agents, agent managers and supervisors from state and local agencies and juvenile delinquent detention facility.

Law Enforcement Support Personnel
The term applies to support personnel such as technicians, analysts, police dispatchers and administrative personnel.

Drug Demand Reduction
The term applies to coalition members, community organizations, grassroots organizations, educators and counselors/social workers.

Counterdrug and Military Personnel
The term applies to military personnel governed under Federal statutes or those assigned to Counterdrug orders. Case-by-case exceptions may be made.