Criminal Analyst

Criminal AnalystPennsylvania Counterdrug Criminal Analysts support federal, state, and local narcotics units across the Commonwealth. Analysts receive in-depth training to learn the intricacies of narcotics investigations and money laundering associated with these types of investigations. Training includes two initial criminal analyst classes and a fiscal requirement of 16 hours of professional development. Conducting research and performing complex analyses, these analysts are able to identify crime patterns and trends that may be compiled and shared through networking practices for regional intelligence gathering. A full spectrum of automated tools provides support agencies with valuable intelligence products.

One such automated tool, the Cellebrite UFED Ultimate, enables law enforcement agencies supported by Counterdrug Joint Task Force Soldiers to take their investigations to the next level by providing information not easily obtained from cellular devices. The Cellebrite, when combined with otherautomated tools such as the LEA De-confliction system, enhances the investigation when multiple cases may be involved, thereby contributing to greater successes in and among law enforcement agencies.

Criminal analysts successfully contributed to several significant cases resulting in the closure of several methamphetamine labs and multiple seizures of marijuana, cocaine, currency, weapons, vehicles, and jewelry. All of our criminal analysts have received training in terror threat finance to pursue drug trafficking networks funding streams by identifying their money laundering practices. The continued partnerships between agencies will further enhance the ability to track and dismantle drug trafficking organizations.